Graphic Fables

Death's Footsteps

While training to take his father's place, Young Death accidentally snares a mortal girl and she is forced to become his bride. In the Underworld, she meets Father Death who declares she must earn her place among the family. Will she be able to take her place among the Deathly Immortals?



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The Emerald Beetle

Set in feudal Japan, the tale follows a beautiful young maiden who is trapped by the strict laws of her family and society. One day while practicing her calligraphy, she discovers that her ink has the power to change. Risking her family's honor, the maiden transforms a beetle into a man to be her lover.

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The Shadow Beast

A girl is born with a shadow in the shape of a Beast. Ostracized from her village, she lives alone in a nearby cave. But when she becomes a woman, the Shadow Beast begins to kill people one by one. Will the girl find a way to control the beast before it kills the ones she loves?




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Four Arms

In the style of old-school fables comes the tale of a girl whose inner demons literally sprout from her sides. Armed with a guardian wolf, will she find her way out of the woods and free herself, body and mind?





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Counting White Stones

In a seaside town of Scotland, many fishermen disappear into the ocean.   

However, one day the roles are reversed and a fisherman's wife disappears, leaving behind their small son. Time is running out and the man is afraid he will never see his wife again. But then something strange washes ashore.



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